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Two sentences – an Alzheimer’s prompt piece

June 12, 2014

We all freeze as the phone rings. It’s like we all feel that tightening of our chests at the sound. I can see the fear on my mother’s face, a fear of talking to her own mother. As she picks up the handset we all wait with baited breath.


It’s the same fear I see in his eyes. Every day as he walks into his office. A fear that he tries to hide. He speaks of anger and frustration, of helplessness and sleeplessness unable to do anything but watch her slip away from him bit by bit every day. A hundred emotions cross his face but the sentence remains the same “It’s not a good day.”


My mother returns to her seat, sighs and looks over at us. “The man at the facility is trying to kill her again.” Is all she says.


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  1. Powerful! I like how you conveyed so much emotion in so few words. I know that everyone who read this could relate to the emotion of both the people!

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