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The Story – Chapter 86

June 17, 2014

Mmmmm okay quick recap.

Maddie–mermaid assassin. Not that she murders mermaids–she IS a mermaid AND an assassin.

The Fire–the fairy Prince’s BROTHER

The fairy Prince–Um okay that’s self-explanatory

Herman–troll-hunter and awesome chef

Peter–fairy and security

And me… um well me. Bella Smith, Human.

So we, (me, the Fire, Herman, Maddie and Peter) faced off against the fairy Prince and all of his security fairies.

Wait… Wait… I turned to Maddie, “Assassin–hired to kill The Fire? How did you end up in the well?”

Maddie looked sheepish,“It didn’t go so well?” She looked over my shoulder at The Fire. He grinned.

Really? I swallowed a laugh, “The Fire put you in the well?” I asked. I turned on The Fire then, “Why didn’t you tell me ANY of this?” I gestured broadly around the cave corridor.

“I didn’t want to alarm you?”

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh Men! I put my hands on my hips and completely freakin’ lost it. “You guys are all NUTS! Seriously? I am so over this. Family politics, runaways and assassins who are no good at assassinating? I did what you asked me to do. I found the guy and brought him back. I am done. Seriously done. I am now going home and don’t even THINK of stopping me.” I was screaming by the end of my speech.

Everyone took a step back and I stomped away. No one stopped me.


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