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The Story – Chapter 87

June 19, 2014

I made it to the mouth of the cave.

I looked up at a scurry of feet to find Fred behind me. I took a step forward. Fred took a step forward–all eight feet. I looked up at him, “Whatcha doing Fred?”

Well, yeah, I knew he couldn’t answer me. It’s kinda why I asked.  I held up a hand, “Stay here.”

He looked sad. All hundred eyes reflected my image, so maybe it was me who felt… Nope, I was leaving. The fairy drama could sort itself out.

I took another step.

This time there was a flap of wings. I didn’t want to turn around. Honest I didn’t. I knew I would see Fred standing behind me and behind him I would see two dragons.

“What?” I asked them all

Sarah took a step forward, folding her wings tightly to squish forward in the small corridor. “Where are you going?” she squawked, her hot breath nearly bowled me over in the small space.

“Home.” I grumped and started walking again.

“They’ll need your help.”

“Okay, wait, wait just a minute. No they don’t. I was conscripted into this little team of crazy to do a job, job done. I am outta here.” I stomped away.

This time when I stopped, it was all me.



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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Oh boy! As always a great job that keeps us wanting more!

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