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Tori & Lara – Part nine

July 10, 2014



It felt like they walked for hours. In reality Lara was sure it was only about thirty minutes, but thirty minutes in a dark cave-like corridor where the only light was a touch held by herself in the front of their little line, the small one held by Michael who stayed only a step behind and Tori’s, who was about 10 paces at the back it wasn’t really a lot of light to walk by. So it was dark and quiet and creepy. Lara could feel her heart rate start to increase as the darkness seemed to flow around them growing with every step they took. She slipped a hand around her wrist to count the beats. It was a silly trick but one that helped to control her panic attacks, not that she got them of course, that would be ridiculous. She was a trained and crazy bounty hunter, it would be silly for her to get panic attacks. 34, 35, 36, it was definitely getting faster. She took a deep breath and could hear her breath vibrate unsteadily as she drew the stale air into her lungs. “Okay, who is feeling creeped out right now?” Lara grumbled. She kept her voice soft but the sound still travelled echoing along the corridor around them.

“Will you shut it?” Tori complained from the back, “Either that or just shout out that we’re coming so that if anyone is at the other end they can prepare a giant trap for us?”

Lara grinned, thankful for the dark that hid it from her partner. At least the chatter helped to dispel the depressive gloom that had settled around them as they moved down forward. She really didn’t like dark spaces. And she knew that Tori knew that. Michael sniffled at her ear.

“Don’t get sick.” she whispered.

“What, what, who’s sick?” Tori grumbled from the back again.

Lara felt her grin grow larger and her heart rate settle back down to its regular thump thump. Michael huffed a soft laugh beside Lara and she muttered softly, “Nothing, forget I said anything.” She could hear her partner grumbling about hospitals and susceptibility and internal weaknesses and the grin stayed on her face. Hopefully they’d be getting to the end soon, in more ways than one.

Lara lowered her torch and pressed a hand over the glass. Beside her Michael did the same.

Tori was silent as she crept up beside them. Leaning close to Lara’s ear she whispered, “What did you see?”

“Hear.” Lara mouthed the word back with barely any sound to carry it. They stood in silence and in a moment the clang Lara had heard sounded again. It came from ahead of them. Lara felt rather than saw Tori pull her weapon and step past them to tiptoe forward. Lara tucked her torch away and pulled her own weapon. With her free hand she pulled Michael behind her. Keeping her fingers on his shirt sleeve she tugged him forward and crept after the shadow of her partner.

In a matter of a few steps the corridor grew lighter. Tori slowed forcing Lara and Michael even slower as she moved to the closest wall. Lara in turn hugged the wall opposite and with the taller man hunched low behind her, they crept the final length of the corridor and ducked behind suspicious mounds of dirt gathered into piles at the mouth of the open space beyond.

That was when they heard it. The sounds of shovels digging into wet cement. That was the sound she likened it too anyway, she remembered her dad building and rebuilding the outside walls, and it sounded just like this, the sound was distinctive. Tori peered over the dirt pile and stared at the three men in the cave. Two were standing in a hole, waist-deep, near the far wall. The third man stood above them holding a large weapon pointed at the back of their heads. The two men were covered in sweat, their clothes ragged and dirty in the light of the two lamps perched on a rock ledge sticking out from the back wall. They dug hand held shovels into the hardened dirt and rock that made up the ground of the cave.

Tori couldn’t see anyone else but she couldn’t see walls on either side of the cave mouth either so she couldn’t be positive. She flicked her eyes to Lara. Lara held up three fingers. Tori nodded. Yeah that was what she thought. She turned back to the action inside. The man standing above the two men wore jeans and a jacket, when he moved she could see he had another pistol in the waistband. There were three packs sitting on the ground behind them. Otherwise the cave looked like one big empty open room.

So now what?

Tori inched backwards and saw Lara do the same.

Michael stood and walked directly into the opened cave.

Tori glared at Lara. Lara raised her brows and shrugged, then raced out to follow him holding her weapon high. There was a shout, and yell and gunfire exploded in the enclosed space. Shots traded back and forth sounding louder than ever, magnified by the rock around them.

“Christ,” Tori muttered and followed her crazy partner into the cave, firing as she walked.


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    What is wrong with this Michael guy? Doesn’t he think before he acts? Geez! I wonder what is next!!

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