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The Story – Chapter 92

July 17, 2014

I started walking. It still amazed me how large this entire cavern system was. Why did this fairy kingdom live so far underground? Clearly, I still had a lot of questions as to what was going on here. I vaguely wondered what was going on at home. I hadn’t thought about home in a long time but for a moment–while tramping along this long, dark, rock-walled corridor–I allowed myself a moment to think about my parents, sister and brother. I wondered what day it was? I wondered a bunch of things. The stone in my hand stopped vibrating–right in the middle of the corridor. I turned on one foot and realized The Fire was behind me. I looked behind him, the Prince was nowhere to be seen.

At the raise of my eyebrow raise he shrugged, “Said he had important stuff to do.”

Huh, how rude, I was here at his behest after all.

“Why’d you stop?” he asked sidling up beside me. I could feel the heat of his body warm my entire side.

“The stone did.”

“What does that mean?”

I looked at him with as bland a look as I could manage. “How do I know?”

“It’s your stone.”

I turned away rolling my eyes. Freakin’ genius. I rubbed at the stone. Nothing. I tilted it and raised it to my eyes. Nothing. Not a twitch. I couldn’t really see that well in the dim light cast by the fire ensconces but I could see enough to see the stone looked like a stone. Wonderful. So why had it bought me here?

“So, why did it bring me here?” I asked aloud.


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