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Tori & Lara – Part eleven

July 17, 2014

At the mouth of the cavern they ran into trouble. Tori poked her head above the edge of the hole and quickly ducked back again. “Ah, yeah so okay, we might been in a spot of bother.”

Lara was still on the cavern floor staring back down the tunnel they had emerged from and Michael was hanging half way off the metal ladder behind Tori.

“What is it?” he called up.

Tori slid some of the way down again until she was close to the other man. “We’ve got company.” She gesturing back up with her head.

Michael looked slightly worried. “Ah,” he said. Dropping one hand off the ladder he rubbed unconsciously against the bottom of the backpack he wore. The package was secure, but for how long.

“Go down and send Lara up.” She ordered.

A few minutes later Michael hit the ground. Lara looked at him with wide eyes, “What’s up?”

“Company,” Was all he answered.

“Crap.” Lara holstered her weapon. She grabbed the ladder and started climbing. Halfway up, she ran into Tori. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Her partner replied. “Gotta a plan?”

“All guns blazing over the edge?”

Tori looked at her like she was crazy. Perhaps she was. “Got a better plan?”

Tori grinned.



Tori clambered over the edge and eyeballed the four well-armed men heading their way. They’d moved closer since she’d ducked back down to hang around on the ladder for a while. Somewhere along the climb she’d pulled off her jacket and was left wearing a little black tanktop. It was a little dusty from the climb and she imagined her hair was a dusty, flyaway mess as well. Her weapon had disappeared. She raised her head and played obvious that she’d seen them. “Oh hey!” she called loudly and waved a hand frantically over her head, “Hey there! Hi. You woo, hi there!”

No one came up the ladder after her. Tori brushed empty palms against her dusty trousers and wipe away some of the dirt. As the men moved closer she walked out to greet them, “Hi there! Wow what an amazing day for rock-climbing am I right?” She kept her voice high and her speech rapid. “Wow, that was just so freakin amazing! Are you here for the comp too? What number are you guys? And a team of four? Wow that’s cool. I’m on my own, I know they say you shouldn’t climb alone, and you know, they are right about that but I just couldn’t resist!” as she talked she swung slightly away from the hole in the ground.

The men turned to keep her in sight. They looked at each other curiously then two walked towards her while the other two headed directly for the hole.

Tori stopped about twenty paces from the lip of the hole. The two men stopped a few feet away. The others continued towards the hole.

“Wow, so like, you guys are just not dressed for climbing, are you here for the comp?” In fact they were dressed in black, head to toe in black. Against the grey background they stood out dramatically. The padded chest and arms of their vests indicated tactical gear, their weapons – large barrelled blasters tied to their chests were held loosely in their hands but could be brought to bear in seconds. Now that she was closer she could also see a thin wire travelling from their ear into their vests. Crap, they were organised.

This was going to get awkward.

“So, I’m Sarah, Sarah Jenkins and you guys are?”

They didn’t answer. Tori glanced over her shoulder and watched the other two men approach the hole. The pointed their weapons down and scanned what part of it they could see. Clicking on their helmet lights they made a few hand gestures to the two men in front of Tori then while one held his weapon, the other dropped down and started down the ladder. The man spotting him waited a few seconds then followed.

It left Tori alone with the two men and only the grey landscape to keep them entertained. Down to two. Odds were better. They two men had yet to train their weapons on her.

Tori took a large step forward.

The two men took a step back to keep the same distance between them. Hmmm, very well trained.

She’d kept her hands outstretched beside her to show just how empty and weapon less they were. “Wow, you sure are handsome devils aren’t ya?” she said with a loud whistle. “Well, if ya not the chatty types, I can understand that, I sure can but well I’m getting kinda hungry so I’m just gonna go back to my ship and have a wash and make something, sure is a dusty planet, have you noticed?” She took a few steps to the side to clean a path and started walking.

She had gained three steps on them before the weapons came up. In tandem they ordered, “Don’t move.”


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