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Tori & Lara – Part twelve

July 21, 2014

She had gained three steps on them before the weapons came up. In tandem they ordered, “Don’t move.”


Lara waited for the two gunmen to drop down the ladder hopping from foot to foot somewhat impatiently. Michael was hiding up the tunnel somewhere behind her and she hadn’t heard a peep out of him since he’d given her Tori’s message and retreated that way to let Lara work. It had taken her only a moment to set up, all the equipment fortunately already in her day bag. Now she stood just behind the rocky lip of the rear wall, feeling sweat bead beneath her fingertips. In one hand she help her weapon, in the other was the thin clear wire. She held her breath.

One beat.


Three, okay sheesh what was taking them so long, she impatiently peered out a fraction past the rock wall – still no sign. Argh, seriously at this rate she was going to trigger the trap from sheer boredom.


At the moment the two men spoke Tori moved. She ran, fast. The first gunman’s reaction was a hair too slow and she hit him with a full body tackle. Sure, she was small but with speed on her side and surprise the larger man was falling backward before he knew what was happening. As she hit she grabbed his hand, finger still on the trigger, pulled the weapon sidewards and grabbed at his fingers pressing hard. The weapon barked twice, the man next to them fell. Turning as her momentum pushed the first man down, her other hand grabbed the knife strapped to his waist and as they hit the dirt she thrust it up into his chest.

Two seconds.

Tori climbed shakily to her feet and looked at the two bodies blankly. She wanted to be sick but swallowed harshly and forced the feeling aside. She glanced over her shoulder. There was no movement from the hole in the ground. Tori dropped to her haunches next to the gunman she’d hit and pressed a hand to his neck, No pulse. Leaning over him she pressed the same hand to the other man. Taking a deep breath as she closed her eyes she whispered softly over the two bodies then ran her hands over their vests. She unclipped their weapons and pulled the spare cartridges from the many vest pockets, one of the men had a number of snack bars which she left but when she found the electronic pad she carefully removed it. The screen was cracked but otherwise it had survived the man’s fall. She pocketed the device, hefted one of the weapons into her lap and sat down to wait.


Lara waited.

Finally the sound of heavy boots on metal reached her ears. She stood and raised her weapon…


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