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The Story – Chapter 93

July 22, 2014

As I said the words, there was a loud crack from the wall. The Fire was at my side in an instant shielding me with one arm. I pushed him off, “Do you mind? Geez.” I would have glared at him some more but I was stunned into silence. I know right? Me silent? What I was looking at could only achieve that reaction.

The wall opened right in front of me. It was dark beyond, dark and scary. The Fire lit a hand, a little flame danced on the top of his palm. He held it toward the doorway. It flickered in the breeze from the tunnel. He looked back at me and raised a brow. “Okay fine,” I grumbled, “So you are good for some things.”

He grinned wickedly and for a second I felt warm all over. Jerk.

“So I’m guessing this means we go in?”

“After you,” he offered.

I looked at him, then at his hand and back at his face.

He looked at the fire, “Oh,” he shrugged and led the way into the tunnel.

The rock wall slammed shut behind us…


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