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Tori & Lara part fifteen

August 11, 2014


While Lara was outside distracting herself watching Michael seduce the wooden box with only his fingertips Tori was inside the ship staring at the man who lounged casually in her armchair. It was hard to tell as he was sitting down but Tori knew from experience he was tall and long limbed. She could see one arm where it arched up, his hand tucked behind his head hiding the artist’s fingers that generated their own warmth upon touch. She felt the ghostly caress on her arms and shivered. From where she stood near the entrance to the ship all she could see was back of his head. His dark hair was longer than she remembered tied back in a low tail that reached to the top of his shoulders, it would be longer if let loose she realized and could almost feel the strands between her fingers. Argh she clenched her own hands tightly together and held them behind her back. She couldn’t allow temptation to win here – at least until she was sure he wasn’t carrying a weapon.

He knew she was watching him, she was sure of it though he hadn’t turned around to look at her. She wondered briefly if she closed her eyes would he disappear?

A dozen questions rose into her throat but only one made it out in an explosion of accusation. “What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for you.”

His voice was as she remembered and she felt it vibrate along her spine. Her shoulders crept up to protect her neck and the glare she turned on him should have caused damage. As it was, he remained seated, facing away from her and appeared as hale and hearty as ever. His refusal to turn meant she had two choices. She could cross the room and into his line of sight or stay still and talk to the back of his head. She didn’t like either option. Wanting to get power of the room back in her grasp, she pulled her weapon and strode to his side pushing the cold barrel into the skin below his ear. “You have one minute to convince me not to blow your damned head off.”

She could see him swallow and there was a pause while he thought of an answer. Tori didn’t move nor did she pull the weapon back. She waited.

“I have something for you.” He said at last.

“Oh, I’ll bet you think you have.” Tori muttered. She pressed the switch on the side of her pistol and listened to the power charge higher.

He flinched minutely. “My chest pocket.”

Holding her weapon still she reached for his chest.

As her hand fumbled over the pocket he twisted sharply and tugged. She fell across his lap in an ungainly sprawl. He flattened a hand over her stomach to hold her still and held the hand with the pistol in a tight grip pointing away from them both. Tori struggled and pulled but he kept her off balance and therefore under his control.

She huffed sharply and stopped. After a moment he let her go and she slid from the chair. “You are such a pain in the as…”

“I do have something for you.” He cut in holding out a small object.

Tori refused to take it, didn’t even look at his hand. She was busy straightening her clothing and retying her hair.

He didn’t move just held out his hand and waited.


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