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The Story – Chapter 95

August 19, 2014

We were looking at a glass box. Inside was a flickering light. It was a flame, a flame flickering at the same speed as the flame in the middle of The Fire’s palm. As The Fire raised his own flame, the flame in the box grew larger. It was like it was trying to communicate.

“Can we get it out?” I asked. It was sort of cute the way it was dancing back and forth within its glass cage. I wondered a few things like, Who had put this little flame in a glass case? And how was the flame still lit? Air must be getting into the box somehow but what was feeding it? And why was there a flame in a glass box hidden in a cave in the wall of the palace?

“That’s not a fire.” The Fire said peering over his shoulder at me.

“What?” I was confused. “What are you talking about? I don’t understand? Look at it. It’s a flame… isn’t it?”

The Fire looked at me. He was very serious. The flame in his hand extinguished with a sigh and the smell of smoke surrounded us in the little room. He took my shoulders in his hands and turned me away from the glass box. “I know fire, it’s not fire it’s a memory.”

“A what?”

“A memory. We can’t let it out.”

“Why not?” Something was dragging me back to look at it. I tried to turn but The Fire wouldn’t let go of my shoulders. I looked up into his eyes and could see the little flame in the box reflected in his eyes. It looked so sad. I wanted to let it out.

“It’s dangerous,” he said.

I wondered how a little flame could be dangerous.


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