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The Story – Chapter 96

August 22, 2014

I really, really wanted to touch it–which I know is a silly idea right? I mean, even I know that flames can burn, but a little part of me, the part not obsessed with chocolate/coffee and all things TV. Yeah to that really was the TINY part of my mind, darted back to the very beginning of this strange caper. I was brought here to find The Fire.

Well, I found a man/fairy named The Fire, currently standing in front of me, holding onto my shoulders tightly and staring into my eyes, but maybe, maybe it was this flame I was supposed to find.

The stone in my pocket was vibrating like CRAZY, suggesting I had finally gotten something right, and I’m sorry but how rude–a stone was judging me? Sheesh.

I focused on The Fire’s eyes and the reflected flame dancing in the glass box. He saw my decision the instant before I turned.


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