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Tori & Lara – part sixteen

August 22, 2014

He didn’t move just held out his hand and waited.


Lara was getting annoyed, and tired, and sore. She tapped Michael on the shoulder, “Come on. Get up, we’re going inside. I haven’t heard any shouting, screaming or things hitting the walls, so either one of them is dead or they’re just standing there staring at each other… it’s probably that, but I want to sit in a soft chair, this ground is hard!”

Michael looked up and nodded. Moments later he followed the young woman into their ship. It was extremely quiet inside. Eerily so.

“Hellooooooooooooo.” Lara called. She stopped just at the top of the ramp and waited for a response from her partner. She hadn’t told Michael of Tori’s history with Tom Kr’tak’it is. For one thing, she knew that Michael knew that Tom was interested in whatever it was they were trying to put together. Oh sure, Michael had told her what it was called like three times already but honestly – he was sooo boring when talking about it, he just went on and on and blah whatever, anyway, the point was Tori had a history with Tom. And from what he’d said earlier, Michael might have a history with Tom too, he certainly had a vested interest in making sure Tom didn’t get his hands on the objects. And Tom was the one inside their ship. Talk about awkward.

When she received no answer from Tori, Lara moved further inside. The living area seemed normal enough. She snuck into the cockpit – everything looked fine, a few chocolate wrappers were scrunched into various corners but that’s how it normally looked. Lara was confused. She was sure Tori and Tom hadn’t left the ship so where were they? Michael was on her heels so she moved into the corridor that led to the sleeping bunks… no… there was no way she would do that again would she? Crap! Lara looked a deep breath and stepped through the doorway into Tori’s quarters.

“Ahem!” she cleared her throat loudly.

Tori was holding her blaster on Tom who was holding his own blaster on Tori. Both turned their glares on her at the sound of her cough.

“Hey Lara.” Tom said.

“What the hell! Why is THAT guy here?” Michael shouted from behind Lara.

Tom turned his gun in their direction and Lara rolled her eyes. She could feel the Michael pressing in close behind her. Wow, she could actually feel the heat rising off the guy’s chest, phew! Lara had to force herself not to lean back into him or even look back at him, she had the feeling, and from the look on Tom’s face she confirmed it, Michael was probably glaring at him over her head.

Tori hadn’t moved, nor has she re-directed her weapon. It was still pointed directly at the center of Tom’s chest, his wonderful, tightly muscled chest. Damn, the boy still looked good even after a few years! Lara shook her head and focused on the standoff in the room.


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