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The Story – Chapter 98

September 8, 2014

He was HOT.

Okay, sure he was a Flame turned into a man so yeah I guess hot applied in several different ways. The Fire was glaring at his brother. The two men looked identical…Wai… ahem. Yes well I believe it’s already been established I think The Fire is a yummy piece of hotness but looking at both I have to be honest, my thoughts might have gone to a place it probably shouldn’t have, given this story is PG. Wow.

I hoped The Fire had no idea what I was thinking. Awkward!

The Flame stepped forward and took my hand. “Thank you for freeing me.” His voice whispered across my skin like a caress.

Oh My God! I supressed a shiver and glanced at The Fire–Yup, still glaring. I faced The Flame, “Um, yes, sure no problem, really. But can I just ask you a little question?” I had raised my fingers holding them a tiny bit apart. The Flame watched me carefully.


I closed my eyes. Wow… “Right well. Little question, why were you being held prisoner?”

He didn’t answer for a moment and then sighed loudly, “Because I’m dangerous.”

My look to The Fire confirmed my fear. He nodded and whispered, “He is.”

“A bad dangerous?” I dreaded the answer.



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  1. My, oh my! This story is even better than I remember 🙂

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