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Tori & Lara part seventeen

September 12, 2014

Tori hadn’t moved, nor has she re-directed her weapon. It was still pointed directly at the center of Tom’s chest, his wonderful, tightly muscled chest. Damn, the boy still looked good even after a few years! Lara shook her head and focused on the standoff in the room.

There was silence.

Tori had seen Lara and Michael enter behind Tom but didn’t lower her weapon. She itched to pull the trigger, really itched. Of course, she’d never do it, even though she really, really wanted to. Tom spun to face Lara on her entrance but now stared at the man behind her. Michael!

Michael hadn’t moved, his face still expressed revulsion. His hand rested on Lara’s shoulder and Toni could see the flutter that threatened to distract her partner, Sheesh, really now? Fortunately she shook it off and stepped away from his hand. “Alright, enough of this, Tom, put the gun don’t down be stupid, Tori… really? Either shoot him or let it go. You,” she point at Michael, “How do you know him?” Flicking her thumb at Tom she glared at them all.

Tori powered down her weapon and dropped it onto her bed. She crossed her arms, “Well?”

Tom watched the room wearily. As his weapon came down Michael stomped forward and punched him in the face.

“Ow! The hell?” Tom stumbled.

“Asshat! You’re the reason this all started, you and that stupid game!”

Lara grabbed the furious man and pulled him back. He struggled against her clearly wanting to hit the larger man again. Her voice sounded strained as she ground out, “Okay, while that is interesting information, we need a better explanation and a lowering of the testosterone in here. Calm down!”

Michael pulled against her grip on his arm but she wasn’t letting go. He growled at her.

“Excuse me, don’t you growl at me buddy.” She tugged him further towards the door.

Hand over his face Tom glared across the room. It wasn’t that the punch had hurt; because it didn’t, Michael had only managed to clip him. It was because he was a nerd, and the nerd had gotten a good hit in without Tom belting him back. And Tori was laughing at him, her face flushed red around the hand she was biting to stop from laughing out loud.

“Everyone out in the main room!” Lara ordered. “And leave the weapons here.”

She waited until the two men were seated on opposite sides of the room. Tori stood beside her partner, head tilted waiting for her to start. Lara held up one hand, “Wait two seconds,” and darted down the back corridor. A few seconds later she was back, tucking in her shirt, “Sorry, bathroom break.”

Tori snickered and relaxed, “Can we get on with it now?”

Lara pointed to Tom. “Let’s start with you. Why are you here?”

“I’m here to give something to Tori only she won’t take it.”

The laugh that burst from Lara’s mouth had them all glaring at her, “Sorry, sorry… but you know how that sounded right? Ha, like she’d accept anything from you after last time. Okay, so what is it?”

Tom held out a small object. It was a box – Lara thought it looked like the one Michael had been examining earlier. For a moment no one moved then Michael dashed across the room. Tom shoved the box quickly behind his back, “Ah, ah, not for you mate.”

Michael practically tackled the man to get at the box. Lara and Tori jumped forward dragging him off with some difficulty, he was like a freakin’ octopus, hands were everywhere reaching for Tom. All four were breathing heavily when they stopped struggling. “Christ, stop it!” Tori grunted. Lara’s hair was a mess and all four of them looked dishevelled and tired. Lara pushed Michael into the closest chair and threatened to sit on him if he got up again.

Tom held out the box waving it at Tori. She took it, reluctance showing in her every move. She only took it to stop Michael leaping at the man again. She turned the thing over in her hands. It was a box. About size of her hand it was carved with swirls and waves and was that… was that an ear? It felt slightly warm but that might have been because Tom had been sitting on it during the struggle. “A box?”

Lara glared one last time at Michael before she let go of his shoulder where she was pressing him down in the chair and moved to Tori’s side. “It looks like the other one.”

“What other one?” Tom demanded standing quickly. At both girls glares he slumped back down with his hands raised. “I thought you wanted my story?”

Still holding the box Tori looked at him, “Go on then.”


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