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The Story – Chapter 102

September 24, 2014

So Maddie was basically shouting in my face. I wasn’t sure what I had done to make her so angry, but she certainly was so I took a quick step back. “Um, Maddie?”

“You let him go?” He voice dropped. Now it was this quiet whisper and to be honest, that scared the begeezus out of me more than the shouting. I have this uncle right who is always shouting at stuff, the football, tennis, trains, and business managers – even golf. And I am not even sure how you get angry at golf. Anyway, he is way scarier when he is quiet. Maddie was like him. I took another step back.

“Yeassssssss.” I answered. I was kind of trapped here. Without a light I wouldn’t be able to see to walk out of here. And Maddie had one. Looking at her red face I was wondering if Herman had been right about her all along. Maddie seemed really dangerous right now.

She took a giant breath in and her face relaxed. “Well, that’s fine, that’s fine. You don’t happen to know where he went do you?”

Did I tell her he went off with the Fire? I’m thinking not. “Oh well, he went that way.” I pointed down the corridor and really, it was kind of obvious, there was only one way out after all.

“Well lets go then sweetie.” She said gesturing for me to lead the way.

I really did not want her behind me right now. “Oh, well you have the light.” I said smiling as nicely as I could. “I would just trip over if I went first. Human remember, my eyes are just awful in the dark.”

“Of course.” She said and stepping up to me. She held out her hand. “Why don’t you hold on to me then.”

Oh boy!


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  1. I’m thinking, “Don’t hold onto her!!!”

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