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Echoes on the Breeze – Ann Bagnall’s wonderful new book of poetry

September 26, 2014

What a fantastic review Helen, I certainly want to read this book after this recommendation!


Last week I received my copy of Ann Bagnall’s ‘Echoes on The Breeze’ , a wonderful collection of her micropoetry now published by  See her wonderful blog and the link to the book at:

That link is for the paperback but her blog has another post with a link for the ebook available at Lulu also.

I will say at the outset. Ann if one of my dearest friends of many years, but that is not why I bought the book or why I write about it now. I did both because she is a superb writer, with a style and a sensibility that is very rare.

This book is deceptively simple – a series of her micro-poetry, none titled, one by one on small white pages. But within the simplicity is the complexity, the depth, and the poetry found.

Ann writes eloquently and often of love, and the…

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  1. Thank you so much for your re-blog of Helen’s wonderful review! I really appreciate it. The e-book version of Echoes on the Breeze is free this weekend for all my kind blogger friends who have always given me lovely feedback over the past three years. So if e-books are your thing – pop over to Lulu and download it on me!

    Enjoy and thank you again !!! Annie xxxx

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