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The Story – Chapter 103

September 29, 2014

We had taken only a few steps before Maddie stopped. I ploughed into her before I was realised what was happening. I bounced backward and as soon as I found my footing in the dark I asked, “What’s wrong?”

I sensed more than saw her turn to me. “You didn’t say why you let him out?”

“Who?” I asked playing dumb. I know, I know, playing dumb is not a good look but whatever keeps the psychopath from focusing right?

I felt her tap my wrist, “Really dearie? Playing dumb does not suit you.”

Darn – busted! I decided to call her on it, “Why are you being so weird?”

She was quiet for a moment and pulled me forward in the dark to get us walking again. I was sure the passageway hadn’t been this long earlier but it felt like we had been walking for ages.

“I guess it is time for me to tell you the truth,” she said at last.

This time I was the one to stop. She walked a few more steps before she realised I was no longer holding onto her. “Well?”

She took a deep breath.



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