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The Story – Chapter 104

October 6, 2014

Before Maddie had a chance to speak the wall next to me exploded.

I have no idea what happened next but there had been an almighty BANG and in the next minute I was pushing cold hard stuff off me and choking on powder and dust. I was coughing and breathing harshly struggling to get air into my lungs. Things were still falling on me – I raised a hand to protect my eyes and just lay there for a moment waiting for the world to stop ending. My ears were ringing, I couldn’t see anything but drifting dust particles and… wait a minute… I could see.

The corridor was no longer in darkness. As the dust cleared I could see a massive hole in the wall I had been standing beside. I was lying on the ground a few feet back. Everything was sore – I figure I must have been blown back by the blast.

“Maddie?” I called still coughing.

I could hear no response. I couldn’t hear much of anything actually. “Maddie!” I called again. Looking at the debris around me I wondered if she was under something. I climbed unsteadily to my feet. I was going to have to start looking under the broken walls and rocks. At no point did it occur to me to worry about WHO had blown in the wall…

I should have…



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