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The Story – Chapter 105

October 13, 2014

I looked at the hole in the wall which was swirling with dust obscuring the figure standing in the middle. All I could see was an outline. An outline that almost filled the hole… with massive shoulders and arms that were like… you know what, I can’t even describe what they were like – they were just huge!

The dust started to clear and I backed away in a hurry crouching down behind a part of the wall that had crumbled into a mound of rock rubble.

The shape was huge!

I crouched, breathing as shallowly as I could so I couldn’t be heard over the still crumbling walls. I heard a snort and the ground trembled. My hair blew over my face and I had to hold on tightly not to get blown over by the giant gust of stinky-breath that blew through the small corridor like a gale. I peeked very carefully around my hiding place. Oh My God…


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  1. I should know better by now than to read only one of the chapters of the story!! You always leave me sitting on the edge of my seat. I need to wait until you post a couple of the chapters then I can have some instant gratification! lol Great job as always!

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