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Tori & Lara – Part Eighteen

November 7, 2014

Two hours later they were a little wiser but not much clearer. Tori was fighting back tears and Lara was ready to shoot the man on her partner’s behalf. Tom’s story went a little like this…


After the last time I ran into Tori, I was left drifting in the broken shuttle for two days. The emergency beacon finally drew attention and I was picked up by a small craft piloted by a couple on their renewed-vows honeymoon. Awkward to say the least. After another three days, they at last dropped me off on Station Eight – Now this was a bit a problem for me because as you know Station Eight is unofficially run by the Head of the Dall, a giant slobby beast of a man who happens to be the most powerful space gangster this side of Tralmen. And who happens to really dislike me.


“Go figure.” Tori snorted.


“Do you mind? This is my story.”


So I was on the run from Mister Nolt’s men and hiding in the back room of a little shop when I happened to overhear two men arguing inside. Now it wasn’t any of my business to listen into their conversation so I planned to just wait out the search party then head on my merry way – then one of the men mentioned money… a lot of money… so much money that I couldn’t help but listen in to the rest of the conversation. Seems the money wasn’t theirs, the giant sums of money they were discussing. They were discussing a shipment of money. Well naturally this peeked my interest. Long story short… I happened to get into the carrier this shipment was being transported in, and within the carrier hidden with all that glorious glorious money was a sealed steel container.


Steel – I know, I thought – oh how quaint and simply had to open it. Within the container I found this box. The very one I am giving you Tori. Of course, the story of the box is its own story. See initially I had no idea what it was. After all – I was after the money. I, of course took the box with me when I emptied the carrier. Now funny thing, it seems the box was more valuable to the unknown owner of the carrier’s contents than the money was. I was chased all over Station Eight by soldiers – soldiers!


Using my vast range of skills I escaped Station Eight – I can’t tell you how, that would ruin my rep as an escape artist…


Tori snorted loudly. She was shushed by both Lara and Michael.


… And was chased over three systems and space lanes to get here. Well clearly the box wis important to someone – I’m still not sure who, but I figured I’d need to look into the box itself to find out. I contacted my research buddy on Gawe and he in turn contacted a few friends on other planets and it turns out the box is one of several. It contains an object of great power that when put together with the other objects of power builds a device that can destroy a sun. Obviously, I don’t need a device capable of destroying a sun, I also have issues about being chased so that the person chasing me, when caught – will kill me for it. So I started looking for the one person I could give it to who; A. I wouldn’t mind giving it to, and B. if they get killed while sad would actually help me in the long run because they could no longer hunt me down with the intention of locking me up on a prison moon for a very long time. So here I am.


Tori looked furious when Tom topped speaking. What Lara could see in her eyes was the pain and hurt she was struggling to hide.


What an ass!


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  1. I’m not sure if I’ve this story before?!? Even not have read the previous chapters, I enjoyed it! You have such a gift of sucking the reader into the mind and emotions if you characters!

    • Oh thanks sweetie. The rest is on my blog, there’s a Tori and Lara tab. I’m really enjoying writing it, it’s a fun little action piece. 🙂

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