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The Story – Chapter 111

November 10, 2014

We spent two hours playing catch, well… he was playing, I was madly trying to avoid the giant rocks rolling at me. He thought it was hilarious. I was terrified.

“Enjoying yourself?”

I looked at Herman with the strongest “are you kidding me” look I could conjure this early in the morning with no coffee, “Wanna play?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The Ogre giggled.

Yeaha… he giggles… I know, I know – ruins your whole view of ogres right?

“We have work to do.” Herman grunted and then he did the most wonderful, sweet, loving thing a man could ever do. He held out a hot cup of coffee

Did I mention I loved this man?

I slammed the coffee back and felt myself at last wake up. I waved to Tommy – yes the ogre’s name is Tommy and followed Herman out into the tunnels. “What’s first?” I asked.

“We find Peter.”

Wait… Peter was missing?


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  1. Hee Hee, an Ogre named Tommy. That is my ex’s name…I wonder if they are related! LOL This made me giggle because I can see the two of them playing. I also wanted to let you know that I just sent you the edited version of the 3 pages you wanted me to look at. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story of Toni and Mate 🙂

    • Oh yay a…. Muahahaha n okay hat is funny about the ogre name! Spooky…. Was he big and dumb too? Hahahaah thank you thank you so much for having a look at those pages for me!

    • Wow… Great work… The advise about “and” is great, going back doing a search of and…. Arghhhhhhh soooooooo many

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