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The Story – Chapter 113

December 1, 2014

Everyone was waiting for me. Well by everyone I mean Herman was looking at me, and Fred the giant spider was looming over us both. It was extremely disconcerting. It was also not a good start.


“Well what, I don’t know. Why is it my job?” I was feeling snappy.

“You’re the leader?”

“You asked that as if it is a question. Look, Herman. You said Peter is missing? Let’s start there. How do you know he is missing? Maybe he went for a swim or shopping or for coffee?”

“Really? You think he went swimming?”

Herman was giving me a long stare. I didn’t think that was really fair because I didn’t know where Peter was… He’s a fairy not a student. I wasn’t responsible for him. I think… I sighed really loudly, to make it clear I was feeling really put upon… “Well, how do we know he is missing?”

“I can’t find him.”

“Right, well obviously that says it all.”

Again Herman gave me a look. Good point. “Okay fine. Where was he last?”

“His room.”

“That’s where we start… wait… This is going to sound really dumb but…. Fred?”

Fred loomed loomier. I think he was listening.

“Fred? Find Peter.”

Fred stared…

Fred stared some more…

“Go on.” I gestured waving my hands, “Find Peter.”

Fred took off.

“Huh.” Herman looked and me. We both shrugged and took off after Fred.


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  1. I’m sitting here shaking my head, I never have a clue where you are going to go next! That is sooo awesome. You are one of the few writers who keep me guessing.

    • Awwww thank you!!! That is the best compliment! It’s hard to keep YOU guessing… You’re so clever, usually know what I’m doing before I I ! Ha ha so good!

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