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The Story – Chapter 118

December 22, 2014

I crept quietly – well as quietly as I could, which let’s face it wasn’t all that quiet – down into the large pit. Fortunately there was a path down the side of the pit wall. It was terrifying. The path was barely the width of my foot, have you seen my feet, they are tiny! I clung to the wall with both hands and slid one foot carefully forward as I inched down.

I could hear grunts from above. I risked a glance up and saw the prisoners staring at me. They didn’t seem to be happy to see me here.

How rude, I was coming to rescue them didn’t they realize that?

I couldn’t see Herman anywhere.

It must have taken me ages to reach the ground. In my head it felt like minutes. I pressed my back against the wall. The floor of the pit was smooth like it had been polished by water or a floor sander, (what – my dad kept one in the garage – I knew what I meant).

I couldn’t see anyone. Or anything. Why had my team mates been brought in here and strung up. Come to think of it, HOW had they been strung up. The stuff holding my friends to the ceiling looked like the sort of web that Fred spun from… wait… looked like Fred’s silk… um.


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  1. Oh NO, a spider!!! Is it a relative of Fred’s? An evil spider cousin? And where the heck is the humongous spider that did this? Yikes!

  2. I can see this playing out in my head. Wanted to thank you for the faithful follow. You’ve been with me since my earliest days.

    All the best with the writing,
    Diana =)

    • Oh thank you! Im glad you liked it! And you to, I really enjoy your blog, keep it up! 🙂 I love spotting new entries, makes my day

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