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The Story – Chapter 120

January 4, 2015

Well, it sure didn’t look like Fred – it was worse – so much worse. Black with a fat body and gleaming with oil it had fat legs and a big red diamond across its back. It looked down at me with its hundred eyes and didn’t move. It looked – oh no – it looked coiled, ready to spring and I was the fly caught in its trap.

My friends started to rock back and forward in their bonds, muffled shouts could be heard through their gags. I took a step back.

The black spider (who I decided to call blacky) took a step forward… all eight legs.


I stepped back again.

Blacky scuttled forward.

I stopped.

Blacky stopped.


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  1. Ewwww…the dance of the hunter hunting its prey. I wonder if she charges if Blacky will stand her ground or run? Hmmm…maybe Blacky is a scaredy cat. But she captured all the others… Now you have me wondering. Oh, wait…that’s nothing new! LOL

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