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Photo Prompt – Adventures in the Garden!

January 5, 2015

Hi all – I was inspired to write the following from the amazing backyard photos posted on one of my favourite blogs… see below


Adventures in the Garden

There she was again, the human girl with the black box. Blond hair covered her face. She kept sweeping it back over her forehead as she knelt in the damp dirt to hold the black box to her eyes. I pulled the green leaf further across my body. I wanted to watch her but I didn’t want her to see me.

She was so focused.

She was also very interesting. I wanted to know what she was doing. I leaned out over the branch I was using to hold me up and in my hand the leaf tore. Oh crap. I fell.

The shock of falling meant I didn’t get my wings under me quick enough but soon they caught an updraft and in seconds I was floating back up – I hoped the girl hadn’t-

I was looking right into her big eyes. The eyes grew wide as they stared at me.


“Oh my gosh.” I didn’t recognise the words but the air they produced sent me tumbling back into the safety of the forest. I lay stunned on a small mound of dirt. I had to move, get up, fly away but I was dizzy and disoriented from my abrupt landing.

I heard a thump, and then another. The ground beneath me shook. Oh no.

I couldn’t let her see me again. I would be in huge trouble as it was. I couldn’t let myself get caught. I rolled as quickly as I could manage until I was under the closest tree root. The thumping grew closer and closer until the very ground was vibrating angrily beneath me. My wings fluttered as fear flooded me. I peeked over the root. The human girl was blundering around calling out with loud squeaks and breaking leaves and crushing flowers underfoot. I would have to wait until she left.

If my father found out about my little adventure he would forbid me from frolicking in the forest for weeks. I ducked my head into the dirt. My wings froze and in moments I would look only like another sapling branch sprouting off the root.

I waited. I could hear the snap, snap sound of her black box again and again. I hoped she would tire soon, I was getting hungry,

At last she made a loud huffing wining noise and the thumping moved away.

I waited for a little while longer and when I could hear the sound of insects chirping again I felt safe enough to raise my head.

She was gone. I looked at where the sun sat low in the sky. Oh crap I was late. With a flutter of my wings I rose into the sky and darted toward home.


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  1. OH MY GOSH!! I can’t believe you just whipped this off so quickly!! You are amazing. I love this. And you are right I’m always having to brush my hair out of my eyes. Now I’m going to be looking for the little fairy every time I’m out back taking photos!! I’m still in shock that you wrote this so quickly. And did a fantastic job too!!!

    • Ha ha thanks I hoped you’d like it! 🙂 I had great inspiration, your pictures were great 🙂

      • Thanks, but your writing was even better. I wonder what happened when she got home? Hmmmmmm….

      • Good question, I’m not sure but it cant have been good!

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