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The Story – Chapter 121

January 5, 2015

I was so close to screaming I could actually feel it well up in my throat. I froze. I waited.

…And waited…

…And waited…

Blacky scuttled forward. My scream caught in my throat. In seconds Blacky disappeared into the darkness. I had only a moment, I would have to move now. I raced to the closest wall and began to climb, keeping a weary eye at the darkness above my head in case Blacky came back. Do you know, I climbed that wall so quickly I didn’t even think about the danger of free-climbing a wall without any safety net? Actually I’m glad I didn’t think of it, I probably wouldn’t have been able to climb at all if I had remembered.

As soon as I got close to Herman I climbed onto his sticky webbing to try to and locate one of his knives. I could hear him grunt below me. Oh Woops – that wasn’t a knife. “Sorry.”

I was blushing – I know I was – I felt hot all over. Ahem, oh there it was. I located the knife at last and with a few tugs on the thread wrapped tightly around him I was able to pull the blade free and start hacking at one side of the web.

“Stop, Stop.” He said as I cut the sticky stuff away from his mouth.

“Hey, I am rescuing you, excuse me.” I grunted, still hacking at the thread.

“Stop, you’ll cut the wrong-“

The web holding Herman to the roof tore and we fell.


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  1. Ha!! Action, humor, and thriller…you’ve got it all in here! So does Herman save them before they hit bottom? What about the others? And where the heck is Blacky?!?

  2. LOLOL…not a knife! Priceless! 🙂

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