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Review: Girlfriend Trouble by Robert Shaw

January 6, 2015

I’ve been meaning to put some reviews on my Blog…

Girlfriend Trouble by Robert Shaw

A boy meets and falls in love with a girl who stutters, and she changes his life! 14-year-old Mikey McElwaine dreams of the girl he longs to meet. She’s so real he can almost reach out and touch her… if he didn’t keep waking up and getting in trouble with the school bully. Then Mikey meets Lian in the waking world and she changes everything for everyone. The story is about having tolerance, understanding and acceptance for those who are different; having self-confidence, self-respect and respect for one’s peers, and dealing with bullies both youthful and grown-up.

My review:

A book every teenager should read and every adult as well!

This is a fabulous novel, Robert Shaw has managed to touch on every age and every stage of growing up from Mikey to his family, his best friend Candy to the bullies and the mean girls at school. Mikey’s dream girl Lian is a beautiful fully developed character whose personal story is every bit as gripping as Mikey’s. Everyone has a lesson to learn through the course of the story. Even Mikey’s parent’s romantic troubles get a turn. The characters are well developed and everyone has a distinctive voice with personal dramas that need to be heard, explored and shared. Robert Shaw effortlessly spends time on each character arc and yet no character feels bereft of a backstory. This is a well rounded novel that every teenager should read. But can be enjoyed by every adult as well. Girlfriend Trouble is a book for all ages. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t wait to read more of Robert Shaw’s work. @LaurienotLori

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