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Review: Our House is not in Paris by Susan Cutsforth

January 6, 2015
Our House is not in Paris by Susan Cutsforth
Susan Cutsforth and her husband, Stuart, are ‘ordinary’ people living an extraordinary life. They both work full-time: one is a teacher librarian of thirty years, and the other, a middle-level clerk in the public service.

But, as Susan recounts in ‘Our House is Not in Paris’, they own a holiday house in France — the other side of the world. And not only that, this petite maison required significant renovating, which they accomplished almost singlehandedly during their working holidays.

Our House is Not in Paris is a story of pushing boundaries, aiming high and, most of all, taking risks. With humour, poetry and insight, Susan’s story shows that you can do more than simply dream: if you work hard, anything is possible.

My review:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Our House is Not in Paris, and felt transported into author Susan’s little home through this lovely story about the madcap renovating of her Petite Maison. An Australian couple in France buying a house, what a crazy thing to do. Susan’s writing style draws you quickly into her tales of rushing madly around little towns searching for goodies for their ‘old’ new holiday home. Her husband Stuart must have the patience of a saint! Susan’s stories of becoming friends with the lovely townspeople and bank dramas, pool dramas, plumber dramas and the shirtless roofers created picturesque tales that at times had me laughing out loud. Yes the story does jump back and forth but it is in such a charming storytelling way that it does not detract from the amazing life those 6 weeks each year must be. I cannot wait to read the second saga, in fact I bought both books together so am moving straight on to find out what happens next. I have even learnt a few French words as they are woven in to the story in such a way as you read them as easily as the rest. And driving overseas should terrify me so I am very impressed with Susan’s learning to drive in little town backstreets! A lovely story.

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  1. Yay! Great review! Susan’s books are fabulous aren’t they! Can’t wait for book three, which is coming out soon!! 🙂 🙂

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