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Review: Whispers: The Secret Watchers Book Two by Lauren Lynne

January 8, 2015

As I have just finished book two I thought I’d post this straight up.

Whispers: The Secret Watchers Book Two by Lauren Lynne

For Owen, high school is difficult enough without adding the stress of knowing that there are some things in this world that only a secret watcher can fix. Too bad one of their special abilities isn’t repairing relationships because he feels like no one understands. Owen wonders what is going on with Lucie who is doing everything she can to avoid him. Then there’s Tess. She’s older, wiser and seems to really like him, but he’s afraid that she might just be using him. Something strange is happening on campus and his friend Katie is involved. And finally his father is not himself, blames Owen for everything and threatens to give his secret away. Owen is scared – plenty of dark watchers are already after him without his father exposing his presence and abilities to the rest of the world. Owen and his family must go to Florida in the hope that he and his mentor, White Eagle, can get to the bottom of what is going on with his father. More importantly Owen hopes to discover what is behind the strange, potent relationship that his father and grandfather have rekindled after years of not speaking. They’re afraid it’s a trap but what choice do they have? It’s not in Owen’s nature to avoid danger. He will go where he is needed. Now if he can just make it out alive… because girl problems, not getting along with his dad and keeping up on homework are nothing compared to what’s waiting.


My review

Whispers: The Secret Watchers Book Two continues Owen’s story of becoming a watcher. A great YA novel, Lauren Lynne brings Owen’s second story to life with more family drama, angst, school troubles and training, training and more training. Owen’s journey in becoming a watcher is made easier – or harder depending on your point of view – with the help of his friends and family. This time we meet Owen’s grandparents, more watchers (both good and bad) and a new girlfriend. Poor Owen has to navigate school, a serial murderer, Dark Watchers and a new girlfriend all while continuing his learning and helping his family which is on the brink of falling apart!I would recommend this book to all young teens and adults of young teens (and anyone in between). It is a great coming of age story, I look forward to book three!



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  1. This sounds good. You are doing a fantastic job with these reviews! I enjoy reading your take on the books 🙂

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