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Review: Our House is Certainly not in Paris by Susan Cutsforth

January 15, 2015

Review: Our House is Certainly not in Paris by Susan Cutsforth


Sequel to the bestselling ‘Our House is Not in Paris’

Join for the first time, or continue to share in this sequel, the French rénovée trials and triumphs of Susan and Stuart Cutsforth, an ‘ordinary’ Australian couple. Our House is Certainly Not in Paris is a magical memoir about their renovation of an old farmhouse in France. They devote their holidays to breathing life back into its ancient stone walls. It is so charmingly written that the reader is transported to their petite village and the people in this book become like old friends. This is a story about achieving dreams. It makes you want to grab life with both hands.


My review

Wow – even more fun than the first, Our House is certainly not in Paris is the continuing saga of Aussie couple Susan and Stuart’s Reno adventures in Cuzance. And adventures they certainly have… not only have I learnt more French words (in context!) but I feel like I have been invited into the Susan’s home to share with her all of her madcap adventures, though for only admittedly a short time during their annual vacancies.

Susan gives us an amazing glimpse of small town country life and wonderful sense of the personal histories of the town. The little snippets of small town gossip are utterly charming. From more dramas with the plumbing, hidden rodents that you can only hear (and I would pretend they weren’t there as well) to the food… food and more food. Wow I get hungry every time I read more and I have taken to having coffee in my local Patisserie just to get a “taste” of what I am reading about!

Hopefully soon Susan and Stewart will get to relax and enjoy their holiday home away from home. But I get the feeling there may be more to come!

And oh my god the train! Susan, I was on the edge of my seat, heart in mouth with you.

I hear there is a third book soon to come out and I am excitedly waiting to read the next part to this ongoing adventure!


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  1. Ohhhh…this sounds charmingly wonderful. I do have to ask, “what is a Patisserie?”

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