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The Story – Chapter 124

January 15, 2015

Enough of this, just get the fight started!

Blacky was chasing Fred and Fred was chasing me. We ran through tunnel after tunnel. I knew I was lost after the second turn (well I’m not much for directions) but if I stopped it would be all over, the end, finite.

So I ran.

I had a stitch.

I was out of breath.

Everything hurt.

So at some point I just stopped.

Fred skidded to a stop behind me and also turned. Together we faced the monster spider that was blacky.

I waited, gasping.

Blacky scuttled forward.

I wanted to scream. My pocket started to burn. Quick as a flash I pulled the necklace out of my pocket. I’d completely forgotten it was there. I pulled it over my head and in a blink I had disappeared.

I don’t think the spiders even noticed.

They hit each other full on. Legs slashed and tore – huh I had no idea Fred was so strong, or that the hair on his legs was that sharp. The sound of high-pitched screaming came from both giant animals. I hid in the corner of the tunnel behind a large rock and watched. Fred seemed to get the upper hand then Blacky would sweep his one of his legs and Fred would stumble back allowing Blacky to get over him, sharp clacking mandibles growing closer. More tearing, more screaming. I was possibly screaming too – I couldn’t tell. It was a nightmare to watch.

Then Fred went down on his knees and Blacky roared.


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  1. No, no, no….not Fred!! Blacky must die! I’m hoping Fred will turn the tables on her. And of course, I’m out of installments to read….UGH!! :-(. You got me again!! Lol

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