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The Story – Chapter 125

January 19, 2015

Fred roared louder and climbed back to his feet. He shook the giant black spider off, flinging her into the wall with a loud CRACK. Blacky stumbled and Fred pounced. After that it was all over pretty quickly.

A loud crunch ended the battle. Fred looked at me. I think he was grinning. I was going to be sick.

Refusing to look at Blacky’s remains I turned on my heel and walked back to the main cavern. After a while I heard the tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap of eight legs telling me Fred was following.

We ran into Herman only a few feet from the entrance.

He held both knives and was covered in a frosting of grey web. Maddie, Peter, Tommy the ogre, The Fire and The Flame stood behind them.

“All good.” I said and sat down in the middle of the cave.

Fred plonked himself down next to me and started licking his wounds. He was covered in long red welts and… wait… licking? Fred has a tongue?

Oh god, I did NOT want to know that.

The rest of the team gathered around us.

I looked up at them, “I’m ready to end this.”


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  1. Fantastic wee story, keep it up!

  2. GO FRED, GO FRED, GO FRED!!! I’m so glad that he won. And the Flame and the Fire are back… So does this mean you want to finish the story too or just your character. I don’t know what I’m going to do when you do end this story?!? I love reading it!

    • Awwww that is so sweet, I’m glad you liked that I didn’t kill Fred off… I did think about it 🙂 hmmmmm not sure, I do feel like wrapping it up, but its still going to take a while, I have a few new stories to start, so there will be others!

      • Youvare a story making machine!!!!!! I dont know how you do it :-). Yay! New stories. Are you going to write more in the black cat one?!?

      • Yup, I think so, I’m interested to see where it will go 😃

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