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The Story – Chapter 127

January 25, 2015

The Prince looked sheepish, he stuttered but I didn’t let him get a word out.

“Don’t even think I want to hear what you have to say unless it is an apology. Well…”

He glared. I could feel the weight of it against my skin, oily and cold. Well if he thought that would affect me in my current mood he would be very mistaken. “Get off that throne.”

To my utter surprise, he did.

Huh? I did not think that would work!

Herman leaned into my shoulder, “I did not think that—”

“Would work? Yeah me too.” I whispered back. Herman stepped forward as The Prince walked toward me. I held my ground – barely.

His guards parted with nary a whisper as he walked through them.

He was kinda scary up close–I didn’t notice it before. I didn’t think he had come this close before. He brushed Herman aside with one hand.

Oh oh.


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  1. Yikes!! What is he going to do?!? I can’t believe he got off the throne!! As always, you left me hanging!!

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