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The New Year’s Cat – Part 3

January 29, 2015

I did my best to ignore the cat.

He followed me around the house as I cleaned but didn’t speak again, for which I was intensely grateful. I downed another headache tablet and a coffee before slumping down at the kitchen table. The cat jumped up on the Formica top and sat. He stared at me with wide unblinking eyes.

“What?” I finally snapped as the caffeine was absorbed into my system. Inwardly I sighed as the pain in my head lifted a fraction.

“Oh, finally kid, ya talkin to me? Well aint I feeling all kinds of special.”

I rolled my eyes and held up one finger. “Let’s say for a moment that I believe you can talk. What do you want from me?”

“Doll, I just wanna give ya some advice. Free of charge like, you feel me?”

“And?” I said rubbing my nose. I was feeling a sneeze coming on.

The cat stood and walked up to me, rubbing his body against my hand. I pulled away and he followed my hand until I just left it still. He rubbed happily. “Sweetheart, you gotta do something with your life. You gotta get out – see the world, meet a guy, get some action.”

Wait, he was giving me a love talk. “Did my Grandma put you up to this?” I snapped. I stood up and backed to the wall. The cat sat on the table and stared.

“You know what; I have to get to work.” I left him staring at me and raced to my bedroom. What a day.

Closing the door behind me and trapping the cat inside, I felt suddenly lighter. Hopefully the coffee shop was quiet today – being the day after new year’s and I could pretend none of this had actually happened. I refused to look over my shoulder at the door. Yup, none of it had happened.

Not at all.


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  1. Hmmmm…where are you going next?!? You left me hanging – yet again!! Lol

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