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A little something for Valentines day

February 9, 2015

I always volunteer to work today. It gives my friends time off to enjoy the day and spend time with their significant others and it was just an ordinary day for me.

Sounds sad and pathetic right? It’s not actually. I enjoy seeing everyone around me light up with happiness. I also enjoy the bitching, the fights and the antipathy. Haha. Yes, today is a great day to watch partnerships implode. One half forgot, one half doesn’t think they should make a big deal of it, one thinks it’s too commercial, one is no longer in love. Oh dear, such a joy to behold (Not that I enjoy the misery of others – but you have to admit, seeing the miscommunications go wild is pretty funny.)

I work in a shop – not just any shop mind you but a chocolate shop – I see all kinds of desperate partners on a day like today thus when the package arrived, I didn’t take much notice of it. There was no name on the box, nor was there a logo or shop label to say where it had come from (we logo everything so I was a little surprised).

I didn’t open it straight away.

With the rush of men racing in to purchase last minute items it lay forgotten under a pile of receipts and wrapping paper.

I found it at lunch time.

I think I must have stared at it for quite a while. I was the only one here, the sudden lull indicating men were off presenting their last minute girts to their lovers. So what was it? A snip of my scissors and the wrapping fell away. The box was simple. White. Innocuous. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. With an uncertain hand I lifted the lid.

Oh my gosh. it was a pendant. Green and glowing on a silver chain. I looked up. No one was in the shop or watching from across the floor. I was temporarily alone. Who had sent it? Why had they sent it? There was no card, no note, nothing to indicate where it had come from. Was it for me?

I lifted the chain from the box and held the pendant up before my eyes. It was so pretty.

With a burst of joy I tugged the chain over my head. There was a flash of light.

I blinked.

Where was I? I was no longer in the shop. I was standing in a field of grass, recently mown going by the smell. The sun was shining and I could hear birds trilling from the trees around me. The oddest sound then reached my ears.

It sounded like the clip clop of a horse.

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  1. That one sucked me in!! So many questions. Did she go back in time. Did she go to an alternate reality? Was the necklace a door to an alien world?!? Argh!!!

    • He he woops! Wow as always you have the best ideas! 🙂

      • Your stories inspire me to have all kinds of ideas 🙂

      • Yay well that is just the best response! I’m glad! You should write some 🙂

      • I’m trying to write a couple of times a week, but the photography is taking up a lot of my time. I’m having fun learning all about it 🙂 Plus, I like reading your stories and then I don’t have to do the work of writing! lol

      • Ha ha well I love you reading mine, and I really love your photography! So I say keep doing and we can enjoy each others work!

      • That sounds like a good plan to me :-). Hey have you heard anything from the publishers?

      • My mentor is going over them now, and polishing my query and synopsis doc… So I have fingers crossed, sending off to more agents soon

      • That’s sooo exciting! They would be crazy not to snatch up your stories and publish them! They are all so good. I’m going to be saying, “I knew her when…”

      • Awwwww and when it happens I am totally inviting you on the press tour as my inspiration!

      • Whoo Hoo ROAD TRIP!!

      • Lol… Well gosh, now I cant wait 🙂 guess I,need to hurry up and get published

      • Yes you do!!!

      • Yay well that is just the best response! I’m glad! You should write some

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