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The Story – Chapter 132

February 18, 2015

She took my hand and gently led me toward the large table stacked high with books and… OMG was that… coffee?

I dove on it like a woman possessed. It was not until I had drained my first mug and was nursing the second that I was able to concentrate on the old woman again. “So you’re the witch?” I asked (emboldened by the coffee) “So far I have to say I’m not hating it.”

She laughed heartily.

I grinned. Really, it was the kind of laugh that a two year old makes that can’t help but bring a grin to the grumpiest person and lift the spirits of a room.

“Indeed I am, but why would you be stressed?”

“The Fairy Prince.”

“Aha.” She nodded slowly. “Yes well, if you were relying on his opinion of anything I am not surprised you were worried to come here. Nevertheless, you still came – how very brave of you. Would you like a TimTam?”

Oh my god, I could stay here forever. Nodding excitedly I took one of the chocolate biscuits from the tray and raised it to my lips.

That’s when I noticed the glint in her eye.

I looked at the biscuit in my fingers…

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  1. Beware of witches offering you things to eat. Snow White and Edward (from Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe) can attest to that 🙂 And what the heck is that thing the witch offered as a snack?!?

    • Ooooo Time tam… And Aussie chocolate biscuit… Chocolate covered and AMAZING, if you ever get the chance or see them in a shop…. I recommend them!

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