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The Story – Chapter 133

February 23, 2015

I woke up surrounded by rock. Sigh, trapped in a cave again. This was getting old. Light trickled in from small holes in the roof allowing me to just make out my surroundings. Metal bars covered the only way out. That bitch of a witch had locked me up.

“Oh, you are awake.” She said approaching the bars.

I glared at her. “Please explain?”

“Dear, dear girl. I can see the future, this is why I knew you were coming and why I warned the fairy Prince of your arrival in the first place. I know all. Do you think I would not have prepared for you? You will be my undoing. I cannot allow you to leave.”

“We could just agree that I will go away and leave you alone. How about that? You let me go and I will leave. I’ll make up something to satisfy the Prince and we will all be happy. Deal?”

She laughed. It was a delicate laugh – one I didn’t expect from a witch.

I sighed again and sat down. Well, Looks like I’m going to be here for a while. “Any chance of getting something to eat that’s not tainted with sleeping potion?”

She laughed again.
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  1. Another twist! I think this story has quite a few more chapters in it! YAY!!! I wonder what will happen next?

    • Ha ha ha yep it’s like Brussel sprouts, every time you think you have no more veggies to eat… More appear

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