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A little something Red for the day of love part 4

March 2, 2015

He left me alone in a giant bedroom. And when I say giant… it was huge. And full of lace. Lace covered windows, lace over the bed, and lace over the little table. There was lace everywhere.

I really don’t like lace.

The door closed solidly behind him and I was up in an instant. The carrying had been nice and all but my neck was cricked from where I’d been smooshed against his shoulder and my back was aching. I’d have a massive bruise under my knee too. Those leather things on his wrists had rubbed against my bare skin and it had really hurt! I stretched and cracked my neck and then began to explore.

The door was LOCKED!

Well, that was rude. Well, rude and scary… so he still considered me dangerous. I couldn’t help a little grin at that, me! Dangerous! Haha.

I could pace the floor and get enough exercise for a week. Twenty of my steps from one wall to the other and… oh wait… where was the… oh no. There was a little pot under the bed. Oh you have got to be kidding me. I was not using that! Thankfully I didn’t need to go just now but I was already dreading the moment I would have to… pushing the thought from my mind I searched the room more thoroughly. A large built in cupboard was filled with long dresses. Ugh, more lace.

A tap on the door startled me.

I hovered uncertainly beside the bed. The door opened and the old woman took one look at me and gasped. “Oh dear lord. You poor dear, you are barely clothed. You must be so distraught. The Master has ordered that you wear anything in the dresser and wardrobe. My name is Denna, Miss. Do you require assistance?”

I glanced back at the wardrobe, “Yes please.”

I regretted it almost instantly. “Ouch!” I bared teeth knowing the woman behind me couldn’t see my expression. The tugging on my chest grew sharper and the pressure against my lungs tighter. “Ouch! Denna come on.”

“Miss?” The tugging continued.

“Oh just hurry up and finish.” I grunted softly. One last tug that nearly broke me in two and at last she finished and tied the material behind me. I breathed shallowly as I stood. We, no slouching for me in the foreseeable future. I wavered slightly. How did they do it?

“Miss, you must be still shaken after your arduous journey. Perhaps I can fetch you some water?”

“Yes,” I whispered. Wow – okay these dresses must be designed by a man. As soon as I was ensconced within its massive folds I was speaking softer and moving slower.

Awful! I couldn’t wait to rip it off.

Denna returned, (she had left already?) and handed me a delicate glass. I hungrily slurped from the lip. Denna looked horrified. With a little hiccup she said, “Sire has requested your attendance at dinner this evening if you feel up to it, Miss.”

“Cat.” I said.


“Call me Cat.”

“Cat?” She said the word distastefully.

“Ah, Catherine, I mean, Catherine.”

“Yes Miss.”

I sighed. “And what time is dinner?”

“At the sixth bell Miss.”

“Well can you show me around in the meantime?”

She looked uncertain. I waited patiently but didn’t look away. At last she nodded and gestured toward the door.


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  1. Can you please write more than one section at a time?!? lol I want to know more now. I’m really liking this story – in case you can’t tell. I love time travel stories. I’ve always wanted to time travel 🙂

    • Yay, oh that’s lovely… Well… I will see what I can do, it’s such a good story, but I have to get the voice right, so I need to be in the right headspace! Haha, maybe more later this week

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