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A little something Red for the day of love part 5

March 8, 2015

The house was huge. The best way to describe it was that it was like something out of a Jane Austen novel. Oh I loved those books as a child. That thought actually made me pause. I’m sure the servant was confused as to why I suddenly stopped in the middle of the large hall full of paintings we were currently wandering though. Maybe that was it? Maybe I had been hit in the head at work and was now dreaming and my dream had me appear in a Jane Austen novel? I didn’t really believe that was what had happened but what other explanation was there?

“Miss, are you well?”

I thought about telling her I wasn’t, that I should return to my room, but I felt I had to learn more about where I was and more importantly to find out WHY I was here.

“Oh yes. Quite well.” I told her. “I was suddenly struck with a memory. Please continue.”

She gestured around the hall. “This is the East walkthrough. These paintings are all of the Master’s family going back six generations.”

“Six?” gosh, it was hard to believe that kind of longevity in a family. I was an only child myself and my mother was an only child too. The family name ended with her when she married. And my father’s family name would end with me when I married. If I married. I meant, honestly, I had no intention at this stage in my life and heck if I couldn’t get back home it wouldn’t matter anyway.

We traveled through the hall and into a large corridor. “These rooms belong to the Master’s sister when she is home. Alas she is away, staying in Town for the season.”

“Oh course.” I muttered not wanting to sound like I had no idea what she was talking about. What town? It would give me a better indication of where I was if I knew that. But how to ask without sounding even more insane? I would have to find a way to be subtle about it. Maybe if I could locate a newspaper.

“Does the uh Master have a library? Um, reading room?”

“Of course Miss. We can head there next if you would like?”

“Yes please.”

But as we reached the doorway an extremely well dressed, (boofy layer after layer of puffed up silk), elderly woman appeared. She stood in the entrance blocking our way through and stared.

She stared for such a long time that I began to grow uneasy. The servant next to me curtseyed quickly and dropped her head.

“I will take over from here Denna. You may return to the dining hall.”

“Yes Madam.”

Darn it, my one set of ears in this whole strange place quickly vanished. The old woman was still staring at me. She had not moved. She could have been a statue really. Not a hair wavered or eye blinked.

“Hi.” I’ve never been one for long silences.

“How dare you return here.” She hissed.

Ah what?


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  1. OH MY GOSH, really?!? Ugh, I can’t believe you dropped a bomb like that and left me hanging!! Lol why doesn’t she remember being there before? Has she been there before or does she just look exactly like someone else?
    This is really good 🙂

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