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The Story – Chapter 136

March 23, 2015

I was still thinking when the witch went all quiet. “I know you are still here,” she said softly. Her hands clasped the bars of her cage and she waited. I could hear her breathing softly. Damn it if I could hear her then no doubt she could hear me. I clasped a hand over my mouth but it was too late. “I know you are still here, and I know why. You want your little friend back.”

Crap, I knew there was something else I’d forgotten!

I returned to the cage. I did not remove the pendant. “Yes, return Herman.” I said. The witch turned her head so that she faced me. Her eyes darted up and down, and then focused about two feet over my head. Did she think I could levitate?

“Tell me how you have cast this spell and I will return your friend.”

“No, return him first AND tell me how to undo the curse on the Fairy Prince’s family.”

She cackled madly. “So that is why you are here?”

That confused me. “Wait, you said you could see the future and you knew why I was here. Did you lie?”

She sighed dramatically and flung her hands. Of course I was lying. I’m a witch not a time-traveller. No one can see the future. I just guessed.”


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  1. Loved it- loved the last little bit!

  2. Love this!!! You always throw in twists I don’t expect. I can normally figure out what is going to happen in stories, but never with yours. I think that is part of why I love your writing so much. By the way – any news on the publishing front?

    • Thank you! Ha ha ha wait till you see what’s coming! Oh in am in this great workshop and the ladies asked me to write a novella to go before one of my books so we can pitch it! Eeeeep soooo exciting! Hey, would you want to read it?

      • I would be honored to read it. What’s it about?

      • Well, operation midock, now renamed to Spectre of War, the novella is the prequel 😱

      • Send it to me, send it to me! I can’t wait to read the prequel!

      • Ha ha ha, I am editing it at the moment, so I’ll send it through in about a week, can you wait? Muhahaha !

      • Lol…NO…but I will 😃 lol. Do you want me to do what I normally do for you when I read your writings?

      • I would love it! But of course you’re welcome to just enjoy it too! 😱

      • I can do both 🙂

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