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April 17, 2015

The email icon is just sitting there. I don’t know whether to press it or not and my finger hovers just above it in case I say yes, do it, press the button.

See, I’m afraid–petrified really. I don’t know what to expect. I WANT to know. Did it come? Did I get the email I have been waiting for? Has it happened? Is this the moment I will remember for ever, the day my life changes?

Or is it the worst news possible… and the email has come but it is not what I expect. Dark and awful, telling me what I do not want to know.

Of course, there is a third possibility. That I open my email and there is nothing. Exactly like there was yesterday and the day before that, and the day before that.

I don’t know what I want but at this moment, at this very point in time, the answer could be anything… anything at all…

Do I press and find out?

Do I?


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  1. Sounds like me last year when I was waiting to hear from an agent. They’d requested a full manuscript. So exciting! So agonizing! So devastating when it finally arrived and was a rejection. I knew I was a no go when it began, “dear Kathlin”. My name is Sue. Kathlin was my protagonist. Did they not even read my book?!! Gesh.
    Okay, enough ranting. Great little post- I’m sure others will have their own unique take on it!

    • Oh my gosh, you poor thing, that is awful…. Poor form on the part of the agent to do that to you. And yes, waiting on agent responses is pretty painful… You are spot on about that…. First the waiting is a killer then the fear,hope,devastation,joy…. Arghhhhh I hate the waiting

      • I was crest fallen T first, then when I retread my novel and found a glaring typo on the second page… Well, then I had a good laugh.

      • Oh dear! I have done the same thing!!!

      • Isn’t that frustrating?! I need to find a good editor, but I’m too broke right now.

      • Oh god me too… Only I have been madly saving and yes, just booked an awesome editor and just sent it off to her…. Eeep, the waiting begins again!

      • Wow! Good job taking the plunge! Keep me posted!

      • I sure will! Thanks 🙂

      • Who is your editor and where did you find them, if I may ask. Half the battle is getting a good one. The other half is paying for their services!

      • God absolutely, I actually found her through a workshop she is running called From Pitch to Published. She is a freelance editor. Ha ha I will let you know how it goes, because this is my first job with her, but I am very excited. But In the past I have used The Manuscript Appraisal agency (Aussie company) and they are very professional, contacts and quotes and good paper trails.

      • I hope it works out for you- finding a great editor is so important and is my next step. Just how many years can one self edit their writing?! Good luck to you!

      • So very true! And its been too many years! 🙂

  2. Yes! Press the button and find out – not knowing is worse (though you know I can completely relate to the fear!!) 🙂 🙂

  3. Press the button, press the button! Congrats on getting an editor. Please let me know how it goes. I will be starting your story next weekend. I’m so excited! Had a big event at work this week and I’m recovering this weekend. As always, I enjoyed catching up on your blog. I look forward to reading the writings of your imagination. You are one of the few people that I make sure I read!

    • Oh yay, thank you Kirsten that means so much coming from you! And you bet I will keep you posted! Looking forward to your next photo prompt too!

  4. Haven’t gotten to that point yet (still whipping the beast into shape) but good luck! I’ve had a few cliff-hanger emails and they can be tough!

    • Thank you, and good luck with it! It is always a stress I think! No matter if waiting for an editor/agent or publisher! Haha or your mum! 😛

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