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The Story – Chapter 139

April 20, 2015

A hand, and actually hand appeared out of the ground.

I jumped so high I swear I was lucky not to hit the tree branched above my head. Herman had once of his giant knives out and pointed at the ground but from where I stood I could see that wasn’t going to be a problem. The hand was transparent.

I took a very careful step forward.


The hand rose, followed by an arm and then a head. As the entire body came out of the ground Herman pushed me behind his body. Awww sweet, if I wasn’t slightly annoyed that Herman had automatically assumed I couldn’t take care of myself. Then again, yeah you know what? He could confront the ghost first.

“Whoa, hey big guy, easy on the silver weaponry huh? Wow, over-react much.”

Was it just me or did the ghost sound like a cool back guy?

“I peaked around Herman’s shoulder. Oh gosh, such broad shoulders! Ahem… where was I? Oh yeah ghost, talking ghost.

He caught me looking and waved, “Well hey there, girl. How are you doing?”

I waved over Herman’s shoulder. “Hey.”

I was talking to a ghost! I am not really sure why I was surprised anymore….




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  1. Didn’t see hip ghost character coming at all!! Great twist! Sweet Herman 🙂

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