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Family! (Friday Fictioneers)

May 1, 2015



This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt


I never understood why the arguments started as soon as we got on the bus. Was it because we were stuck in close proximity to each other without being able to get up and walk out?

“Will you move your arm?”

“It’s not in your way.”

It was silly stuff too. I’m sure we weren’t actually arguing about the bus or the holiday or packing or eating or whatever caused the next one. I don’t think we ever knew what the trigger really was.

I am never holidaying with my sister again!


Until next time.

After all she is my sister.



Word count:100

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  1. This type of sibling rivalry between my boys drives me crazy on long trips. Nice one!

  2. I know this feeling. All couples should go on vacation together. It’s the true test. But family…well, you know, until next time! Great take and story.

    • hahaha thanks… yes I think some people have the patience of a saint – I certainly don’t! 🙂

  3. micklively permalink

    One may choose one’s friends but not one’s family.
    Good piece.

  4. I don’t even have to”holiday” to get that way with my sister.
    Just spending a day with her is torture.

    I’m not signing my name as I don’t want this to get back to her.
    It’ll just be our little secret. OK?

  5. I love traveling with my sister now but back in the day ….. I’m not sure why my parents didn’t leave us on the side of the road and drive off. Funny stuff.

  6. Haha, that’s funny. Horror trip, but has to be repeated, maybe spending time together isn’t all horrible after all.

  7. Dear Solo,

    This sounds like traveling with my sons. I’m sure they felt the same.
    Nicely done.



  8. Dear Solo, Excellent! I love your story and you are right about sibling rivalry! Good job! Nan

    • Thank you Nan, oh yes I have gone through all of this with my family. Including the old leaning into them turning corners in cars, taking too long in the bathroom etc…. Ah families!

  9. You captured the family moment perfectly!! You are doing a great job with these FF prompts.

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