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The Story – Chapter 140

May 1, 2015

Herman put his weapons away, after all what could he do to hurt a ghost, right?

“Hi there.” I said again. Just in case I hadn’t said it before. It was a ghost, I wasn’t having a ghost haunt me for the rest of my life because I’d pissed him off you know?

“Hey girl, how can I help you?”


“Well, yeah. You and your friend here just appeared and I figured – aha! she’s had a run in with the witch.”

Herman stepped forward and growled, “What do you know about the witch?”

“Woah, woah there bug guy. I know nothing much, just, you know, I’ve had a run in with her too, so I figured, enemy of my enemy that sort of thing. Was a wrong? If I was wrong I am sooooo sorry and—“

He could really talk couldn’t he?

“Where are we?” I interrupted. I interrupted because we’d be here all day otherwise.

“Ahhh, magic clearing?”

“You don’t know where we are do you?” I sighed at the expression on his face. He looked at me confused.




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  1. Geez, a ghost who hasn’t a clue where he is! That could get confusing. 🙂

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