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Review- Insights: The Secret Watchers Book Three by Lauren Lynne

May 9, 2015

Review- Insights: The Secret Watchers Book Three by Lauren Lynne

About the book

Owen Ryer thought he was normal. He thought his life was boring. A walk into a pawnshop in eighth grade showed him that his life was a lie. Two years later Owen has accepted how far from normal he really is. He has a special gift, granting him the ability to see dark energy in the objects around him. Now he’s part of a secret society where people like himself help others and fight the dark watchers who want them for their powers.
Owen has discovered that a Secret Watcher does not have to live his life alone. He knows that he can expand his powers by working with other watchers but what will the price be? Darkness is growing and evil thinks it has found its new prince in Owen. They will stop at nothing to get to him even if it means kidnapping, mind-control or murder.
Owen must do more than fight; he must use his wits and every ability he has at his disposal to hold the growing darkness at bay. Who knew high school could be more challenging than football, homework and relationships? The dark side knows… and they’re watching.


My review:

For those of you who are already fans of Owen Ryer, his family and friends, all I can say is that “Insights” is the must read next adventure.

If you are new to Owen’s world you simply must read books one and two first, if only to get the most out of the intricate and terrific world of The Secret Watchers that Lauren Lynne has created. A layered and complex world with something new always on the horizon.

Insights: The Secret Watchers Book Three is a time of development and discovery for main character Owen. Owen is working hard to develop his own powers and abilities while working with and training his friend and family. Dark Watchers abound so Owen and his family must remain ever vigilant. Owen’s circle of Watchers is ever increasing in response to the growing dark watcher threat, leading Owen to make some startling discoveries about his own abilities and those around him. He also must deal with family issues, romance issues, school and protecting his friends all of which leaves Owen stretched thin He then finds himself confronted with the Darkest of Watchers the evil Madam Maldava who wants to make Owen her own. And what is happening with his brother Alex?

I love this world Lauren Lynne has created. Owen is the perfect role model for all young men and teenagers. Responsible, dedicated, caring and protective Owen must battle inner and outer demons over a destiny that threatens to tear his whole world apart.

Insights is a terrific read and I thoroughly recommend it to all levels of readers. Adults and teenagers alike. I definitely want my nephews to read this series! I can’t wait to start book four.


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