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In space no one can hear…

May 21, 2015

You would think that soaring through space surrounded by the bright lights of stars and suns and distant worlds would be exciting and awe-inspiring. Well, it’s not, I do it every day. It’s more of a “Let’s get from A to B” kind of thing.

I pilot a cruiser that travels between Sheil and Hewel Five. It’s a three day journey. My crew are reasonably good workers, well Pel needs to be watched, she drinks a little too much in the evenings if you get what I’m saying? Oh, not that I blame her, let’s face it some of the passengers are… how do I put this politely? Overgrown apes. No really, I mean they are, they inhabit Hewel Five and comprise fifty percent of my passenger lists and yeah they get a little handsy. Not as bad as the humans do but it can get tiresome on a long journey. The rest of the crew are two males from Jeilx, nice guys but they’re hard to distinguish from each other, I mean they really look the same. Their home world is still experimenting with clones, which makes this really difficult to tell them apart. I’m not even sure if they’re related, for all I know they are. Oh well the last of my crew is Mik, he’s human, but don’t hold that against him.

Did I mention it’s a long trip? Well my crew are good, and the passengers are manageable but let me tell you – out here, it is not always smooth sailing. As I think this, my eyes drift to my blaster, currently sitting on the seat beside me. Yeah, you have to be prepared for everything out here. From space pirates, to rogue so-called security patrols wanting a little something to allow us to stay on schedule to the ragers.

It’s been getting worse. I’ve learnt some pretty nifty manoeuvres now so I’m becoming quite the pilot. Still, it’s a job, keeps the bills paid and food on the table.

In the distance I spot the distortion that signals a ship is coming through. Damnit, I’d been hoping for a single drama free flight. Looks like it won’t be today. Grabbing my alert button I hover my finger over it and activate my announcer with my pinky finger. “Hold tight folks.”



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  1. You had my attention from the first line!! As you know I’m a sci-fi nut and you write that genre so well!! Plz tell me you have more of this story for me?!?

  2. I like your pilot and your story. Well done.

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