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Art is subjective (Friday Fictioneers)

May 29, 2015



“Wow, you are sick, really sick.”

“Is this a joke?”

“I-I don’t really like it.”

Okay, so the comments were hurtful, even mean in some cases. She wanted to scream at them, “Art is subjective you assholes!” But of course she said nothing, merely smiled and nodded, thanked them for coming. But it was one comment, one tiny little thing that made all the difference.

“I think it’s neat.” It was her Grandma. And whether she meant it or not, her love made all the difference.

Even better, it was bought for thousands the next day.



Word count: 96

This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt


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  1. gahlearner permalink

    Such hurtful comments. It’s odd how narrowminded people can be about art. I love the grandmother’s encouragement, and the success. Someone’s surely going to sing, “Money for nothing,” but that shouldn’t concern her. Great story.

  2. Great take. I think if art touches just one person in a meaningful way, it’s all worth it. And especially nice, it made for a great sale!

  3. Sometimes all it takes is one person with an encouraging word to give us the hope to continue down our path. I wonder who bought the sculpture? Great job with the photo prompt. You are so good at these 🙂

  4. Here’s to the people who always give us a tiny word of encouragement.
    I like your style.

    • Thank you Tracey. It’s funny sometimes the encouragement is expected and sometimes, when it comes out of the blue it blows us away!

  5. Dear Solo,

    A few thousand can certainly soothe a bruised ego. Good for Grandma who encouraged. Nicely done.



    • Thank you Rochelle, yes a few thousand does go a long way, even better if it is in front of those who don’t like it! Ha ha 😉

  6. BobiJoBJ permalink

    True – just a word of support can be really encouraging!

  7. What Amy said plus “Go, Grandma!” sometimes it’s the love of those closest to us that makes all the difference.

  8. A bit of encouragement and appreciation goes a long way. And Grandma was right, it seems. Well told.

  9. micklively permalink

    Grannies always know best!

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