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The Story – Chapter 143

June 1, 2015

Okay, you know what, out of everything I have dealt with over the past few weeks, a monster was a new one. “What kind of monster?”

“Ah, a scary one?”

I actually rolled my eyes. Yes, so very helpful! “Thank you Charlie.”

Herman pulled his blades. Then let’s go hunt a monster!”

“Wait, hold up Herman.” I ordered and held my hands up. He walked right into them. I held my ground and ended up pressed against his chest.

Good lord! Ahem, I glared and pressed to push him back. He didn’t move. I pushed harder, He still didn’t move, what was he, made of muscle?

Well from what I could feel… yeah he was… sigh!

“What?” He glared down at me but I could see his lips twitching.


“We need to think about this.” I told him. “We could just try and get out of here. We don’t actually have to HUNT the monster.”

“I do.” He said and pushed me out of the way.

I stood next to the floating Charlie and watched Herman stalk away.

“He’s kind of aggressive, huh?” Charlie whispered.
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  1. I haven’t a clue where you are going with this one! And that’s why I like your writing! You leave me hanging. Maybe it will be a monster who has gone through a transformation and is now good?!? Nah, probably not! lol

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