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Lost at Sea (Friday Fictioneers)

June 5, 2015

Lost at sea



Sand was everywhere she looked, gritty, dirty after the storm and everywhere. God, where was she? There were trees in the distance but should she head toward them? Wouldn’t it be better to stay on the beach where she’d come ashore so she could be found?

Did anyone else survive?

Was she alone?

Sitting down was her only option so she sat.

And waited.

Laughter and frivolity followed them to the beach. Beers, bottles, babes. what could be better?

In the distance a white stick. Closer inspection proved it was not a stick.

The party was no fun anymore.


word count: 100

This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt




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  1. This story is so very awesome. Not a stick indeed. Conventional wisdom says stay by the site of the wreckage, but your tale shows how sharply the double edged sword of that advice can cut. Very grim and gritty writing. Well done.



    • Thank you so much Doug!
      Yes indeed, double edged sword. And so sad too… That she was waiting, forever

  2. Dear Solo,

    Two sides to a grim story. Well done.



  3. Wow, didn’t see that one coming! You did a great job of showing the two aspects of the same story 🙂

  4. gahlearner permalink

    Oh how sad, she seemed to have been stranded there at the wrong time. But it’s a great story.

  5. I love the contrasting moods and scenes here. Great ending, carried off so efficiently. Perfect.

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