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June 8, 2015

The ship gleamed in the dock. White panelled hull plates strong enough to withstand the powerful forces that would tear and rip and push at the frame when travelling through space. He stared up at his beautiful purchase and could not fight the grin pulling at his face. It lit up his features with a glow he could not hide. His first ship. He couldn’t wait to take her out.


His brother stood in the shadows, his glare twisted his features into an ugly mask. Of course he would get the ship. Only he would get the freedom a ship would provide. The short figure stayed there in the dark, watching the preparations for the first flight, wishing for death with a fire that burned his heart into a cold ball. Would they find it? Would they find it in time? There were no alarms, no alerts. No shouts or screams or raised voices. The answer must be no.

The ship carrying his only brother took off into the violet sky like a gleaming trophy. Zooming out of the world’s reach, out of his reach. He’d escaped. Freedom, stars, space…

Word reached them a day later.

A terrible disaster, an accident, his brother flew too close, too fast. At least it was over quickly.

His mother cried, his father was silent.

He was the only brother now.

Now he would have his freedom.



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  1. I like the gritty realism of it… a moment of decision, a change, a rupture that reveals both a future and a past.

  2. That gives a whole new depth to sibling rivalry!! Dark, powerful piece. One decision changes the lives of many. It makes you think…

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